Nov 14, 2013

When we grow tired of the cookie cutter vehicles on the road today, many of us look to classic cars for a more unique driving experience. While there is nothing wrong with that labor of love project car in the garage, anyone who wants a vehicle properly restored in a reasonable time should give serious thought to having a qualified professional perform the restoration.

Professionals Have Experience

A classic vehicle seems to most people to be a much simpler animal than a new one. After all, classics have basic electrical systems instead of the pervasive computerized systems in new vehicles. This is a misleading appearance, though, because the computer system in a modern car can diagnose and sometimes repair virtually any problem the vehicle may have. Older vehicles, on the other hand, require actual knowledge of the vehicle's inner workings to make them run as well as possible. The experience needed to tune a classic vehicle to its best condition requires years to acquire.

Professionals Offer Options

While older vehicles may possess awesome amounts of personality, they also have issues that were a product of the limitations of technology when they were manufactured. While the amateur can restore a vehicle by bolting replacement parts in place, only the professional understands how to minimize the problems created by the older technology. Maybe a certain model of car had issues with excess back pressure in the exhaust. Someone restoring a vehicle for him or herself will likely choose parts that retain this problem. An experienced pro, on the other hand, can often recommend a more robust exhaust that retains the character of the car while markedly improving the performance. Classic vehicles come from an era where people seemed to think the Earth's supply of fossil fuels would never run out. Because of this, virtually all the cars someone would want to restore had atrocious fuel economy. While it is unlikely that any classic vehicle will ever have fuel efficiency to match a comparable modern one, an experienced restoration professional can get it as close as possible.

Professionals Preserve Value

People seldom choose a 15 year old beater of an economy car as a restoration option. It would cost less to get a new economy model. No, most people choose a project that could result in a valuable asset when the restoration is complete. An experienced restoration shop can ensure that no work is done that destroys the vehicle's value as a collector piece.

Restoring a car is a great way to get a one of a kind ride. Choosing to have a professional carry out the restoration could be the difference between driving a classic and driving a car that is simply old.

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