Nov 28, 2013

When we are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car wreck, those of us who are handy tend to immediately brainstorm ways we can save money by performing repairs ourselves. Not only does this tendency fail to save money in most cases, but can seriously compromise the safety of the vehicle. In the long run, it really does make sense to have a professional deal with collision repair.

Professionals can save money because they are less likely to miss things that need repair. A car is not just a collection of parts, it is a system where one malfunctioning component can cause damage in other parts. This chain reaction can eventually rack up costs far in excess of what the initial needed repair would entail. An enthusiast may do a fine job of repairing obvious visible damage, but the experience of a professional pays dividends when there could be damage that takes a much closer look to discover.

Having a professional perform your collision repair is also the best way of ensuring that the vehicle is as safe as possible. The main issue is, once again, those hidden points of damage that need repair. Even a minor misalignment in the wrong part can completely change the way a vehicle handles. Worse, such problems are not consistent. In other words, the driver cannot become accustomed to the handling changes and compensate because the changes vary while driving the vehicle. Having a ton of vehicle hurtling down the street with erratic handling is a tragedy waiting to manifest.

The last major reason to have a professional repair a car after a collision is to ensure that the repair is performed only once. Everyone knows a back yard mechanic who spends every free hour under the hood repairing the same problem over and over. The time and money lost in this pursuit can be staggering. A professional takes no shortcuts and is trained to do a thorough repair. The result of this is a repair that brings the vehicle into a state of repair that is like new, as opposed to the amateur stopgap approach that most do-it-yourselfers end up adopting.

A vehicle is freedom. It also has the potential to be a rolling disaster. By having any vehicle that has been in a collision repaired by a qualified professional, the vehicle owner can tip the scales in favor of the freedom and away from the disaster.

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