Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers

April 10, 2013

There are a number of techniques in modifying and upgrading your suspension. What are considered by many as the two best ways in modifying suspension are adding lowering springs or a coilover system. These two are totally different and there are a number of factors that would help you determine the best modification for your car. Some of the factors that you may need to consider include comfort against performance, adjustability, lifespan, and the price. There are car owners who do not want to lower their car and they just want to tighten up the suspension for added adjustability.


When springs are coils and their design allow them to compress and retract. Coilovers are coiled springs that are placed on top of shocks. People have long called adjustable coilovers that permit you to lower your car to your desired height as coilovers.

Coilovers have a lot of purposes such as:

  • Replacing you car’s struts or shocks with performance springs and dampers
  • A coilover kit includes performance shocks where some can even be adjusted
  • Springs can be adjusted for the perfect drop
  • It allows you to customize your car’s ride quality and match it to your driving style
  • They are generally more expensive than lowering springs

Lowering springs

There are people who just want a lower car minus the adjustability, the expensive cost and a firmer ride. For people like them, there is the lowering spring. Lowering springs are just like the factory spring except that they are lower by half an inch to two and a half inches to stock springs. They usually have a higher spring rate, and are generally made to be used with stock shocks, and that is the reason why their spring rates are typically not that forceful. A performance shock should always be partnered with lowering springs to guarantee that you get the maximum benefit and also to make sure that the installation work is only done once.

Lowering Springs can

  • Be used to directly replace your original equipment manufacturer springs
  • There are lowering springs kits that will allow you to recycle your stock struts or shocks
  • Lowering springs have already been pre-set to lower your vehicle to a specific level
  • They possess non-adjustable spring rates
  • They are generally cheaper than coilovers

Advantages of a Coilover Suspension

Coilovers provide better car handling. A lot of car enthusiasts speak of improved handling when they installed coilovers compared to their stock suspension systems. Coilover suspensions also offer superb adjustability and drivers love this particular feature. This aspect is amazing for drivers who desire a low ride.

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