Vehicle Repair Service

Dec 17, 2013

When people think about vehicle repair service, they almost always focus on the actual repair. This can lead to problems if other factors go wrong. A very wise way to look at this industry is to focus on customer service, because when customers are happy, it means everything else is going right. With this paradigm in mind, it is crucial to look at the characteristics of a repair service that would likely have happy customers.

Great vehicle repair services are repair services with ethics. This is actually one of the most difficult factors to measure because ethics in a repair service are a somewhat moving target. Imagine a mechanic who sees a part that is not in ideal condition but will likely last a good while before replacement becomes absolutely essential. Is it ethical that the mechanic decide to replace it now? What if replacing the part will improve the safety of the vehicle or save the customer money in the long run? Is it ethical then? The only real way to measure ethics in this context is to only deal with repair services that explain the benefits of discretionary repairs they recommend, as opposed to simply doing them and expecting the customer to have no questions.

The best vehicle repair services are loyal. From a business perspective, it boggles the mind that any company would not be loyal to customers. After all, in every industry, businesses make more money from returning customers than from new ones because there are advertising and administrative costs associated with acquiring a new customer. From a customer perspective, people want to be more than a number in a computer. They want to build a genuine relationship with service providers because it is human nature to be more comfortable doing business with those with whom we have personal relationships.

The reason the preceding two characteristics are so important is that they combine to create the hallmark of quality repair services - trust. While many do not really give it much thought, anyone who uses a given service is showing a great deal of trust. There is financial trust in expecting the service to perform only needed repairs, but to perform those properly and completely. There is also a more personal trust involved because a vehicle that is in disrepair is less safe than one that is in perfect condition. Even minor body damage changes the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle and can contribute to accidents.

While virtually any business that hangs a sign that says 'Auto Repairs' can effect repairs, only quality services can create an atmosphere that satisfies customers.

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