What Is Car/Vehicle Detailing?

May 22 11, 2014

Have you ever wondered, what is car/vehicle detailing? Once you know, it can save you huge amounts of cash and even extend the life of your vehicle, if that is important to you? Car detailing or vehicle detailing conjures different meanings to different folks, depending on the type of motor vehicle they are accustomed to owning. Regardless of the model or year of a car, keeping it clean is important for many reasons.

What is Car/Vehicle Detailing?

Basically, car detailing describes the detailed cleaning activity associated with motorized vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans and customized motor coaches. There are definitely various levels of detailing; however, locating an auto body works, or professional auto detailer, may take some searching. If you find a car detailing professional that meticulously cleans literally every square inch of your vehicle, then cherish them like gold.

These types of professionals help people to protect and maintain their cars and other types of vehicles. How do they do this? Car detailers use specialized cleaning products and various tools to clean the interior of vehicles, for the purpose of preserving and protecting upholstery and interior components. Over time, as the seasons pass, mold and rust are always a concern. Undesirable smells can also develop within a car that can rob you of the joy of owning your vehicle. This is when calling a professional vehicle detailing company comes into play.

Clean Inside and Out

Car detailers are a new type of craftsmen. Having access to specialized commercial cleaning product and tools is not all that is necessary to keep a vehicle in top-notch shape on the inside, but on the outside of the car as well. Detailing a car may also include eliminating scratches and small dents from the body, which entails light paintwork and sanding. Some vehicle detailers can even repair cracks in windshields.

Most vehicle owners do not realize how much rust and corrosion can damage a vehicle’s parts. Car rims, lug nuts, suspension components and even brake clappers get bombarded with the elements, year after year. Rust and all types of grime build up in and around the wheel wells and arches, and these should be cleaned regularly. For those who wish to preserve the aesthetic look and longevity of their vehicles, car detailing and body works maintenance also include cleaning and maintaining plastic grills, trim details, window rubbers, wiper blades and rubber door seals.

To sum-it-up, vehicle detailing includes the cleaning and maintaining of the inside and outside of a vehicle, along with minor auto body and windshield repairs. Once you think about it, it becomes apparent what is car/vehicle detailing?

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