What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Mar 11, 2014

Paintless dent repair are series of techniques for repairing or removing minor dents or dings from the body of a motor vehicle. Although paintless dent repair can be used for wide range of damage, if the paint of the vehicle has been damaged, PDR may no longer be ideal.

Paintless dent repair is most commonly use for restoration of motor vehicle with hail damage, dents, dings, doors, slight creases and may also at times be used to repair those that has minor plastic bumper indentations if accessible.

The methods can also be used to help restore broken panel for refinishing in a body shop using traditional paint and body methods. Such methods are usually called as "push to paint" or "push for paint".

There are varieties of factor that may affect an efficient use of paintless dent repair. Among them may include flexibility of the paint, (although most companies uses refined automotive paint and may not affect at all) and the amount the metal has been extended by the destruction experienced (this varies in accordance with the dimension of the metal and the severity of the impact that caused the dent). In general, the less severe the dent is, the greater the chance of being restored using paintless dent repair. In some cases, dents with several inches in diameter can still be repaired by this method for as long as the metal and the paint remain intact. Most professional technicians are able to fix a shallow large dent or crease except when the damage has been caused by sharp dents and creases, it can no longer be repaired by paintless dent repair.

A common method used in paintless dent repair is by utilizing metal levers to put into shape any unwanted or small dent in a body panel. It is a procedure that involves the use of specialized tools in order to remove surface imperfections. They work from behind the dent to push it back out. Harm may also be fixed by connection a "tab" or other system to the external of the board and taking the hole from the topside. By using either of these methods, the specialist is able to recover panel appearance, thus removing the need for re-working the panel's surface area.

One of the known drawbacks of this method is if the painted surface is not in good condition. In such cases when the metal is too cold it could cause the paint to crack and even the best technician may not be able to prevent it from happening.

Being able to perform paintless dent repair could only be accomplished with series of trainings. If you think you prefer to have minor dents in your car be removed, it is best to consult a repair consultant that is worthy of your trust.

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